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emergent heart workshop

sexuality is orange. circle up!

 a template for intimacy and healing with presence and reverence.

February 24,25,26, 2017  Littleton, Colorado $350 (includes dinner Saturday)


Like the glow of the round sun as it emerges from the horizon line and departs from our sky view at sunset: oranges reflected. The color of devotion, of monk/nun vestments, of passion woven into will and service, of the primal connectivity to the Earth’s body, to the volcanic molten mix. This is the ripe fruit, the vibrant flower, the eye catching pulse of the second chakra according to hindu map making of the mystical, energy body. And it is here that we will focus for the workshop.

This productive, reproductive, sexual + creative center (planet orange), will be animated through expression, tenderness, and witnessing. Each of our journeys inward to recover the innocence of sexuality/creativity’s expression is inherently unique. There are universal patterns that can inform and instruct, yet each flower is a world of mystery unto itself . Beginning with our actual conception, our sexual root system is dependent on circumstance, environment and timing. The weekend gathering is a space to honor each of our stories : both the raw + distilled truth’s of being human and sexually based. We will move safely and slowly.

Some of our core sexual woundings may revolve around shame, distortions or traumas that the young psyche could not integrate. By greeting, with an open and grateful heart, the energies and stories that come forward, we may begin preparing the soil (again) for our own fertilizations! Whether we are working on/surrendering into physicalizing reproduction i.e.:trying to get pregnant, or we are wanting a more developed and accessible vessel with which to enjoy the pleasures of our sexuality, or we simply want to make peace with our distinct  histories , we will use the heart as center and move into discovery. We may acknowledge the pain of blockages and the exquisite nature of opening into Creativity’s endless waves.

Partners are welcome, and this weekend will facilitate the language between lovers to enliven. What is also true : the focus and encouragement of the inner journey. The gathering, in the shape of a circle, encourages intimacy and healing through presence: reverence offered toward the infinite landscapes of the Self. We prepare to engage the limitless possibilities of meeting, releasing, igniting and embodying sexuality through dreamwork, exercises, sounding, sharing and writing. This  Emergent Heart Circle Orange serves as a safe, confidential container. Open for  all those who seek to deepen one’s relationship inside the mystery of wholeness, sexual nature and the vibrancy of orange-ness!

 Thank you Kathleen Bowman, Tom Bowman and the fierce, amazing Circle for the invitation. Stretching, Vittaimg_3588.jpg

John Morgan : writing about him #1

Once upon a time, a time when I thought there would be time after times, John and I were walking through his neighborhood. It was night. It was not uncommon for John or Kimberly to suggest an evening walk to stretch about the streets and have an opportunity for the kind of conversation that arises when the body is active and engaged in adventure. Adventure is a key word for the Morgan Clan.
Anyway, this walk has silly moments, quiet moments and a moment that I write down when we return home. It goes like this:
Two mystics who love Brugh Joy and Maria Elena and all their Circle buddies and then, everyone else in the world and other worlds, are strolling. These two friends are well on their way to accepting themselves and many of the the dilemmas/gifts of being human including being at the end of the receiving line of blessings/curses from their ancestors.  Well, at some point, there is a soft spot in their exchange, a nearly quiet opening.
“Is this all there is? This Love?” he inquires aloud.
    ” Can you live with that?”
     “I can live and die with it.”
I remember this exchange because it could have occurred within either one of us as a singular, inner conversation. But instead, it popped into the air with sound and timber and two-ness. These unrehearsed and perfectly sculpted, scripted words pierced something. Like a the falling away of wanting more, the letting go of feeling inadequate or anticipating that things will get better or inventing a hope that I may be errantly entitled to. Here was a clarity.
A nudity. A walk without end.
I am so grateful, John Morgan. Thank you. I love you.
Ah, the echoes of Echo Park!