Preparations to Fly


To pack and prepare and sense that a part of us is already in Akumal.

This is a familiar sojourn.

I am delighted by the 2012ness of being in mayaland , in body, open to what the moment may deliver.

Daughter Aurelia sleeps.

She is the treasure I must leave at home, on the houseboat. Her papa will be here. I will not.  This remains the challenge in being ready.  I know how to make my list, check off the items in the suitcase, repack so it’s more compact. I do not know yet, how to leave my child and fly away for 11 nights. In 6 years we have not been apart for more than three nights at a stretch.  And although there are times when I wish I was anywhere else but home in the middle of a crying + yelling swirl of chaos and commotion, I have never been so grounded + present as with parenting.

Time now to close my eyes, rest, follow the dreams into this rainy night.

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